Organizing Committee Member

Dr. Victoria Seewaldt

Dr. Victoria Seewaldt

professor and chair

University of California Davis,



Victoria Seewaldt, M.D., the Ruth Ziegler Chair in Population Sciences, and professor and chair, Department of Population Sciences, is an accomplished clinician and researcher who's devoted to improving the lives of her patients and the community at large. She has led community outreach education efforts on cancer prevention through personal well-being and directed research aimed at finding biomarkers that can be used for early cancer detection, particularly triple-negative breast cancers that are especially resistant to treatment.

Research Area

Dr. Seewaldt received her medical degree from University of California Davis, and completed her residency and clinical fellowship at University of Washington in Seattle. She then pursued a medical oncology fellowship with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and then became an assistant professor at The Ohio State University.