Innovative Therapeutic Approaches in Breast Cancer

                    Topical treatment of operable breast cancer has been "less" over the past few decades, from the introduction of breast-conserving therapy to the validation of sentinel lymph node biopsy, biological surgery or recent research into the omission of radiation-risk cancer. It has evolved into a "many" philosophy Low Breast Cancer.

The goal is to optimize treatment for individual patients based on their ability to predict locally, locally, or systemically recurrent breast cancer, as predicted by multiple molecular markers and a panel of predictive genes.

Without such information, patients are treated according to a wide range of protocols and are often treated more or less than indicated. A highly innovative and promising area of   active clinical research is the development of genetic testing to predict the radio sensitivity of tumours. If individual tumours can be tested for radiation response, radiation doses and therapeutic targets can be truly personalized to ensure optimal tumor control while minimizing toxicity and cost.


  • Track 1-1 Systemic Therapy
  • Track 2-2 Radiation Therapy

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