Breast Cancer Types

DCIS-Ductal carcinoma in situ- The first stage of Breast Cancer is known as DCIS. DCIS is noninvasive, which means it hasn't moved outside of the milk duct and is unlikely to become invasive. DCIS is commonly discovered during a mammography for breast cancer screening or to evaluate a breast lump.

LCIS-Lobular carcinoma in situ is a rare disorder in which abnormal cells grow in the milk glands (lobules) of the breast. It's important to note that LCIS isn't the same thing as cancer. However, having LCIS means you're more likely to get breast cancer.

  • Track 1-1 Non-invasive
  • Track 2-2 Mammography
  • Track 3-3 DCIS
  • Track 4-4 LCIS

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